Exhaust Cleaning.

          The exhaust is one area of an industrial facility that is constantly subject to contaminants such as grime, grease and dirt. For a production unit or the kitchen of a commercial establishment, the exhaust system often ends up looking similar. The very reason for the existence of the exhaust system is in degradation if it is not cleaned and maintained. Industrial contaminants accumulating in an exhaust system can very easily pollute both the workplace as well as the environment. If left alone, substances can accumulate on the surface of the exhaust system reducing its efficiency and causing permanent damage as well as the impact on the quality of production.

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Commercial and Industrial Exhaust System Cleaning And Restoration


Industrial Exhaust Cleaning

          We as the professional industrial exhaust cleaning companies have the necessary infrastructure and technology needed to handle certain complex exhaust systems. For example, laboratory and manufacturing fume exhaust hoods. Depending on the kind of contaminant level, a cleaning solution may be used to disperse the accumulated dirt and facilitate cleaning. When necessary, scrapers may also be used to remove extremely stubborn build-up.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

          We are committed to providing a complete cleaning of the entire system– from the hood in the kitchen to the fan on the roof and follow the most complete cleaning and inspection standards in the industry found in NFPA-96, the International Mechanical Code and International Fire Code.

          Most other companies simply provide a quick and easy "hood cleaning" service which does not include the duct work or rooftop fan. This may keep the interior of the kitchen looking sharp, but it does little to secure fire safety and reduce health threats. They don’t clean the entire system and aren't committed to the same high standards as IKECA. With 55% of all restaurant fires starting in the kitchen, it is more important than ever to make sure the exhaust is cleaned by properly trained, qualified and certified professionals that are committed to clean to the highest standards in the industry.

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          The ignition of cooking materials account for almost half the structure fires in eating and drinking establishments and was responsible for the highest number of deaths, injuries, and amount of property damage. Kitchen exhaust cleaners can help restaurant owners mitigate their risk.

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