In air conditioning, heat pipes are used in the form of fin and tube type heat exchangers. This simple process is amazingly efficient at transfer of heat with minimal temperature gradients.

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Straight Heat Pipes and Wrap Around Heat pipes

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Heat Pipes have no moving parts. Therefore, the high performance of heat pipe does not degrade over time. There is no wear and tear, which also means that heat pipes require no maintenance.

here are two Types of Heat Pipes:

a) Wrap Around Heat Pipes: for Humidity Control & Energy Efficiency

b) Straight Heat Pipes: for Exhaust Recovery & Energy Efficiency

Wrap Around Heat Pipe

for Humidity Control & Energy Efficiency

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InviroTech Wrap-around Heat Pipes are made as a ‘U’shaped heat exchanger, which hugs cooling coil from two sides in the AHU. The two sides of Heat Pipe, namely evaporator & condenser, encounter the same air stream twice and provide a pre cooling and reheating in sequence.


Wrap-Arond Heat Pipes, as the name suggests, are installed having two sections, Pre-Cool Section (evaporator) and Reheat Section (condenser), on two sides of cooling coil inside an AHU.

While Pre-Cool Section saves energy by reducing temperature of incoming air, the Reheat section provides supplementary heat which enhances the moisture removal of coil. These Heat Pipes are versatile and useful in a wide variety of building types and have been equally successful in commercial as well as industrial applications.

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                  Working of a Wrap-around Heat Pipe

Heat Pipes eliminate the need for ‘expensive to operate’ methods like electric heaters & desiccant dehumidifiers for RH control of around 50-55%, saving the building from being ‘Sick Building’. Heat Pipes saving are huge in terms of Operating Costs.


Benefits of Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

  • Heat Pipes provide the right humidity indoors, always.
  • Heat Pipes have no moving parts, there is nothing to wear & tear
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Virtually indefinite life span
  • Installed inside AHU to suit all AHU some, in most cases, needs no extra room space.

    Please call us(Tony Ho) should you require more information on Heat Pipes.



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    Heat Recovery Wheels

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    For air inside any building to be fresh, constant ventilation is required in the aircon systems. Without proper ventilation, the same air is re-circulated in air-conditioned space, which gives rise to bacteria, virus and other such germs, resulting in poor air indoors.

    So ventilation is very important. But ventilation increases cost of air-conditioning. This is where Heat Recovery Wheels operation comes to bail.


    HUgo Operating Principle

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    Heat Recovery Wheels


    Klingenburg Hugo Heat Recovery Wheels is a rotary, counter flow air-to-air exchanger designed to provide maximum energy efficiency in ventilation systems where heated or cooled air is exhausted and outdoor air is introduced as make-up. In applications where ventilation is required, energy wheels are used to reduce the initial investment in HVAC equipment and to minimize operating costs.


    In other words, the wheel is positioned in an AHU so that it is divided into two half moon sections. Stale exhaust air is drawn through one half and fresh outdoor air through the other in a counter flow pattern. The wheel is in rotation all this while. Sensible heat is transferred as the metallic substrate picks up and stores heat from the warmer air stream and gives it up to the cooler one. Latent heat is transferred as the desiccant coating on the metallic substrate adsorbs moisture from the air stream that has the higher humidity ratio and releases the moisture into the air stream that has the lower humidity ratio.

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    To know more about how the Heat Recovery Wheel can benefit your project, Call us(Tony Ho).

    HUgo Wheel Benefits

    HUgo stands for highest performance on moisture removal and heating recovery without growth of bacteria and at the same time low pressure losses and fair acquisition costs.

    Size of its particles are clearly smaller as compared to other Zeolites. In consequence the adsorption kinetics (speed of adsorption and desorption) is much higher as the distance to the pore is smaller. Additionally the number of particles is higher and therefore the total surface area is larger.


  • HUgo adsorption rotor with corrosion resistant aluminium core. No use of hazardous fibrous respirable elements
  • Very high performance by means of high adsorption capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • No formation of odors as pore diameters are not biger than 0.4 nm (nanometer)
  • Sorption coating of very low thickness
  • No wear and tear of the sorption material
  • Layers of the wheels storage mass absolutely flush at front
  • Foil thickness 0.07 mm – 0.1 mm depending on the application
  • Wheels of different packing density/ wave heights available
  • Millimetre exact tailor made design, build in or build between with cladding
  • Very long lifespan
  • Sizes from diameter 300 mm up to 5000 mm


  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduces the ventilation energy costs
  • Transfers both latent and sensible energy
  • Lowers Operating Costs
  • Lowers first costs on new installations
  • Both winter and summer energy savings

    To use Klingenburg HUgo Heat Recovery Wheels in your project, call us (Tony Ho).